Hey WC3 Family!

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My name is Kevin and many of u might know me from my Twitch Stream, Showmatches vs Grubby or my discord aka the „Elf School“. As I was struggling to organise the amount of knowledge gathered within my discord, I decided to create a wc3 related website to have more options and an overview of the most important discussions about warcraft 3.

This website is not supposed to replace my discord but rather to serve as an additional tool. You can expect to find alot of information about wc3 in general, guides for beginners, and deep dives into the 4 Nightelf matchups since I am a competitive Nightelf player.

U will also find a list of replays that are linked to specific strategies, recommended streamers from my part as well as a WC3 Quiz that will help u learn the game faster and test ur knowledge.

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