Current Meta Strategies

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Hi! This will give u a quick overview over the current Nightelf meta strategies played in Warcraft 3.

If you watch replays and something else is played, you can check the game and ask yourself why this game was non-standard and how the pro adapted. Example –> Elf faces a towerrush from human or undead.

Elf vs Orc –> Kotg Alchemist Mass hunts + archers. Get an expansion and upgrades.

Elf vs Human –> Vs Tier 2 Rifle –> Dh/Warden + Naga and dryad bears. Start with archers.

Elf vs Undead –> vs DK Lich fiends destroyers –> DH + Naga + Dryad Bears OR Kotg Alchemist + mass hipporider & feary dragons.

Elf vs Elf –> DH Naga Dryad Bear. Start with archers.

Take note: There are alot of other possible strategies but you will do fine most of the time if you stick to the ones that I mentionned here.

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